SET 33| Classical + Math Methods+ EMT | Physics Hub

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    It consists of problems from “MATHEMATICAL, CLASSICAL & ELECTROMAGNETIC” Section on the following topics:
    1] Transformation of old coordinates to new coordinates using canonical transformation
    2] Evaluation of integral of sinx^2
    3] Trajectories from Hamilton’s equation of motion
    4] Mirror Image problem
    5] Conservation of Angular Momentum
    6] Bound charge density at the interface of conductor and dielectric
    7] A small body of mass m and charge q is constrained to move without friction on the interior of a cone of opening angle 2α
    8] Transformation of a Cartesian vector field into cylindrical one
    9] Evaluation of Line Integral using Stokes’ Theorem
    10] Ration of most probable value and mean value of x for a given probability distribution function

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