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It consists of problems from “Statistical Mechanics,Classical Mechanics & Atomic and Molecular Physics” Section on the following topics:

1] A planet orbits a massive star in a highly elliptical orbit.
2] Average energy of Fermi Gas at T=0 for relativistic case.
3] Determination of Einstein’s ‘A’ & ‘B’ coefficients.
4] Mean value of energy of an 1-dimensional quantum harmonic oscillator.
5] Wavelengths of Stokes and Anti-Stokes Lines.
6] An Asteroid is moving towards a planet of mass M and radius R, from a long distance with initial speed Vo and Impact parameter d.
7] Time periods of circular orbits in a central potential.
8] Energy of the excited states of a rigid rotor.
9] Doppler Line-width.
10] Mass m is oscillating about stable equilibrium point in a potential V(x)= kcoshx^2 | Lagranges equation of Motion

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